8 FT Dual Ended

T8 8FT 36W/44W Dual-End LED Tube

SEPICN proudly presents its premium line of LED 8 foot T8 bulbs setting the standard for excellence in the world of LED lighting. Our T8 LEDs come in a wide array of color-, size- and compatibility variations and we constantly seek to improve and develop state-of-the-art LED bulbs and tubes in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Award Winning LED
  • Available in  (4000K) and (5000K) Clear or Frosted
  • 10 year warranty
  • UL-Listed [E359780], RoHS-compliant, CE
  • Tube Length: 96″ or 8FT
  • 180° Beam Angle
  • Available in FA8 single-pin or R17D HO

Product Options

Model   Power CCT CRI Lumens Certifications Length Lens Specification
HC-T8-8FT-36W-ID 36W 4000K/5000K 82 4,320 UL, CE 8’ Clear Download
HC-T8-8FT-36W-ID 36W 4000K/5000K 82 4,120 UL, CE 8’ Frosted Download
HC-T8-8FT-44W-ID 44W 5000K/6500K 82 5,280 UL, CE 8’ Clear Download
HC-T8-8FT-44W-ID 44W 5000K 82 5,280 UL, CE 8’ Frosted Download